We know just how important it is that where you work has a strong identity and culture, one you can believe in.

At Sanderson, the culture we have developed is one of the key reasons behind our success. We have a clear purpose; one which our whole team buys into and a strong belief in the importance of how we behave, both to our clients and to each other.

What's more, we enjoy what we do and have fun doing it; that sense of enjoyment helps stand us apart, both as an employer and a business.


Our Purpose:We're Partners

The idea of partnership is behind everything we do at Sanderson. It's our values and purpose wrapped up in one word. Our partnership approach will continue to challenge the perceptions of our industry and the people who work within it.

Our Culture:Open Minds
Can Open Doors

The culture of Sanderson is best explained through our values. These values are how we think and behave; they're what helps us form real partnerships with our clients and candidates.


Our Values:

sanderson s cog

and Trustworthy
and Insightful
and Personal
and Determined
and Refreshing
and Authentic


Our clients and candidates trust us because we're reliable and work with integrity.


We combine a deep understanding of our industry and our clients' challenges with an intuitive understanding of people.


It's always personal because we make it that way. We take the time to get to know people and meet face to face wherever possible.


When we set our minds to something we do it. And we do it properly. We go beyond expectations for our clients and candidates.


We're a four bedroom house in a skyline of skyscrapers. We offer a fresh perspective, and we enjoy ourselves.


We're genuine people who care about our clients and candidates. We don't put on an act we're comfortable being ourselves.

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